i can live through bike kill 2008

yesterday was the most fun ever.
great friends, great weather, great brooklyn, great beer.
gallons of it.

some highlights:
:alfie having sex with a banana-person
:will drinking beer out of a broken 40 bottle
:the rain
:me getting run over by a wheelchair
:jb getting dragged a few yards while losing at tug-o-war
:coming home and hanging around the clubhouse pantsless
:giving each other tattoos

this weekend was exactly what i needed after the stressful week i had. im so glad midterms are over!

i can take naps

this week involved too much work and not enough sleep. thank god i have alfie around to wake me up from my "naps" by blasting fallout boy or spraying me with water or decapitating me with my bandana.

thanks for putting up with my sleep crazy and doll eyes, baby.


i can make an awesome playlist

folk in the key of punk

i made the best playlist ever and paired it with an exacto, some foam, bond paper, and pumpkin schnapps.

against me!

defiance, ohio


vivian girls

two gallants


i can fall in love with the match.com ad guy

i don't know
i just really like the way
he smiled at me
laughed at all my jokes
i really think we had a connection

hit refresh and he's gone


i can quote gertrude stein

"Great art is irritation."