i can handle 13 hours of travel

tomorrow i'll begin the long voyage from new bern, nc to point pleasant, nj and finally to bushwick, bk.

its about time. 
i feel like i havent been home in so long.
i cant wait to sleep in my own bed.


i can predict gradients in my sleep

last night i dreamt of driving through an apple orchard with seth, sam, alfie, and bj. there was a beautfiul art installation all throughout the trees, apparently created by a process called gradient prediction or predictive gradients- i cant remember which now.

i have no idea what these processes are and have never heard of them before. i dont know why or how they've appeared in my sleep thoughts.

i think maybe i should pursue this, any of this, in some form or another.


i can buy a plane ticket to denver

cant wait to destroy denver!

(photo bo streeter)


i can make fun of my roommate

apparently filled with 'amphibians of the dark'


i can mourn the death of sparks

sad sad news everyone.

MILWAUKEE (AP) — MillerCoors LLC announced Thursday it will remove caffeine and three other ingredients from its Sparks alcoholic energy drink in a deal with 13 states and the city of San Francisco, who had contended the drink targeted young drinkers.

oh my god! what an awful idea! its the alcoholic energy drink! what am i going to drink during finals week!?

its the end of an era. im obviously not going to drink it anymore and i dont see why anyone would. unless you like boozy liquid pixie stix.

no more olde yellers:

no more sparks mouth:

no more tempting the valves of my heart:

no more deathwalking across the williamsburg bridge from bushwick to union square and riding little tiny bicycles:

no more sparks pong:

i remember when sparks first came on the scene no one knew it had alcohol in it so me and luke could drink it openly in class and not get in trouble. evidence of this in my notes from 2005:

i miss those days.

boo hoo. im going to turn my basement into an OG sparks fallout shelter. i need to start buying in bulk and stocking up asap.

heres the full article


i can envision a world with good design

i dont know if it has something to do with the economy or maybe people are bored, but im pretty excited about all this new graphic design in beverages. yesterday i saw the new tropicana carton and today i bumped into the new pepsi bottle-with a new logo (!?!) outrageous. i like how the "e" in pepsi is reminiscent of the original logo. good work!

i suppose i dont really LOVE either of them, but certainly its an improvement. its about time america started picking up what the rest of the world is putting down.

i <3 sans serif fonts.

i heard duane reade redesigned their logo as well, but i have not seen it YET


i can live past 25

im 25 and not dead.
this is great.


i can get enough fiber

kind of addicted right now. just cant get enough.

i can survive finals

i just presented the most awful project i have ever done in my life...and got a good critique.

 either this school is retarded or im a genius.


i can see my life flash before my eyes

this is the first volkswagen yellow cab i've ever seen....almost ran me down!

i have a big project due tomorrow. it is obvious based on the number of posts in the past few minutes. so good at procrastinating.

BUT! knocked out three finals today.. our national museum of american history critique went shockingly well...we might actually win? i kind of have mixed feelings about that. im not sure i want to continue working on this project. i'll post pics later on when i need to procrastinate again.

only two left! then birthday time!

i can build a lighting fixture

here is another lighting fixture i made for my lighting design class.
its supposed to be an abstraction of sunlight coming through trees and is meant to be seen from underneath.

made of paper, styrene, and polycarbonate

i can buy food from the bodega and pretend i made it

today is dana's birthday. me and alfie made her these cupcakes/cosmic brownies from scratch at 11:59 last night.


i can ingest massive amounts of sugar

my mouth hurts from too many sweetarts. 
should probably crush them and snort them. 

rainbow boogers

i can overdose on caffeine

notice how well i have evolved my homeless chic look. notice the heart attack i hold in my hands. shit man. urban waterfall.

i can be delirious

if you close your eyes and walk down w 28th street it really smells like christmas.

also, when i opened my eyes i saw a miniature iguana-dead between the cracks in the sidewalk. i think perhaps this was not real.


i can get hypothermia inside my bedroom

im totally dead and my room is freezing.
this week needs to be over.


i can make ornaments

so we decorated the tree last night and it was pretty miraculous. so much glitter and felt and pop punk christmas. also, some unexpected guests and lots of drunk.

dont ask me how little wayne made it on top of the tree...our lil wayngel.

and yes, we did cut holes in the photo of lil wayne so that his watch, earring, and ring would all look extra blingin' with the light shining through.

i can drive

while talking with robin about my procedes chenel project, we kind of got side tracked and he introduced me to the nissan cube. its not a car, but a 'mobile device'

its pretty..pretty.. awesome. usually asymmetry gives me anxiety, but in this case it really works for me. the rear windows are amazing. if i could have a car i would possibly want this one...i cant wait til they come to america.


i can drink moonshine and live to tell the tale

here it comes: the end of the semester. less than a week and half to go and about 6 more projects.

everything is really really crazy.

im coming off a four day thanksgiving bender filled with amazing friends, yugoslavian moonshine, and fetal lovin'. all this work is totally killing my buzz, maaaan.

tonight i will destress for a little bit. we're putting up the fakeorange christmas tree tonight and will decorate it with hand made ornaments. we're such losers. i will obviously post pictures when i have them.

next weekend is my birthday and im really excited/scared that im going to die in the next ten days. shit maaaan.