i can go to the opening for the first show i've ever designed...

tonight was amazing.
alfie met me at the AIGA gallery for the opening of 365.
i've been working on this show with my professor/boss matthew moore since i graduated FIT.
many hours spent lovingly/hatingly with InDesign and many near disasters later the show opened and seemed to be a hit? who knows really.

it opens to the public on friday.
AIGA 5th ave between 21st and 22nd...free always.

stefan sagmeister was there for a nano-second disappeared before i could work up the courage to talk to him...maybe next time, but still highlight of my design life.

i think i'm gonna make it


fakeorange 3.0AK

my first art show!

RSVP here


ryan manning is a genius

another one of our conversations. this is amazing:


i can not recognize my face

it seems that my body has forsaken me.

bones growing more bones, just not where or when i need them
the space between my nose and upper lip is getting bigger
i can see through the skin on my hands
except for the parts where there are scars


i can come clean.

today in class (which i have, even though i've graduated...just doesn't make sense) we had to go around the room in typical first day fashion, introduce ourselves, say where we're from what we've done blah blah blah. but this time we had to say a fact about ourselves that our classmates did not know. we've been together for a while now, and i'm pretty sure most people in the class know more about me that i know about them or they know about each other (im pretty open/honest)

so when thinking about my thing to tell, instead of talking about how i took ice skating lessons when i was younger, or how i pushed my little sister down the stairs on halloween when she was dressed like jasmine from aladdin, or that i pick my nose and put my boogers in the cuff of my pants, i decided to tell something that i felt was important for them all to know.

when i applied to FIT to get my master of the arts degree in exhibition design, i had not one drop of intention of being an exhibition designer. the only reason i applied was because i got laid off from my dream job, couldnt find anything that compared, and had an opportunity to teach at parsons if only i had a masters in SOMETHING. and then well well well. one year, SUNY prices, master degree plopped in my lap. so i applied and got in and figured it couldnt be THAT bad. and if it was, well it was only for a year.

BUT THEN SOMETHING HAPPENED. i realized that i actually LIKED exhibition design. in fact, I LOVED IT. and for the first time ever, i could see myself doing this ONE thing for (if not the rest of my life) a long time.

and now i've found myself on a pretty decent path to 'establishing' myself to some degree in the field. thats a lie. but i'd say i'm in a way better position than i was when i finished up at pratt and im WAAAAAAAAY happier.

i guess what i'm trying to say is that everything is gonna be okay.

its crazy how the world works.


i can not even believe this:

GUTEN TOUCH from Multitouch Barcelona on Vimeo.

this studio (and website) is amazing.
Multitouch Barcelona

and also watch this video


i can haz 'nother degree?

i keep having dreams in which i am creating things by processes i know nothing about. maybe they dont exist yet or maybe they do and im just ignorant to their existence.

at any rate, all of these dreams obviously seem to be pointing me towards a degree in science. it is something i've always wanted to pursue, as i find it interesting and i think it will help fill this weird void i have in my relationship with design.

last night in my sleep i created pieces of industrial design through a chemical reaction between two metals, one liquid and one solid. the process/end result sort of resembled a failed souffle.

i need to marry a scientist.


i can try to promote my work and that of others...

this is kind of old news, but fakeorange 2.0 is ready for purchase!

you can get your hands on a copy on our etsy site

i made this stupid video to show how hard we worked, but also to humiliate alfie:

also, the first edition of fakeorange is officially out of print, but you can view it online here...

featuring the work of Ellen Frances, Julian Gilbert, Alfie, Ryan Pfluger, Brad Walsh, AND MORE!

i can defeat the evil grad school

at least i hope so. here is another one of those amazing conversations with ryan manning.

you can see more here:


i can finally be the science nerd i've always wanted to be

i got an internship designing exhibitions at Liberty Science Center! the commute is terrible, but i'm so excited about the project i'll be working on that i'm going to overlook it. i went there yesterday for the first time since maybe '94..it was way more awesome than i remember. i cant wait to go back. everyday. for 6 weeks starting in june. yay!

laptops are the best invention ever..im working on my thesis, eating an egg salad sandwich, hanging with the dog AND basking in the sun! all at the same time! can you believe it?! me either.


i can write 'poetry'

a poem for ryan manning:

i'm supposed to go to a show
with this girl michelle
but it's in park slope
and that's kind of far


i can do this...

there are 6 weeks left of graduate school.
next week is spring break.
i would like to be mostly done with my thesis
by the time spring break is over.

there are many things i need to do
in the next 6 weeks.
i'm kind of freaking out.

there are many college students outside my classroom and i want to be there too.

i have a crush on a boy i've never met.
i dont even really know what he looks like.
but i think about him all the time and
last night i had a sex dream about him and
i dont usually have sex dreams.


i can answer questions

ryan manning interviewed me for his blog 'thunk'.

check it out here:
ryan manning v alison zullo

also, check out his other blog here:

his poem in FakeOrange 2.0 is one of my favorites. you would agree if you bought it here:
Love, The Internet


i can participate in genius conferences

thanks nick and matt for helping us bang out the zines this weekend...it was way more fun than i could have imagined.

here are some pictures from the process and the party:


i can...uh...

alfie: hi

me: hey

alfie: im invisible

me: i can see that

i can meet deadlines...

fake orange 2.0 (Love, The Internet) is printing RIGHT NOW. i cant wait to get back to the clubhouse to pull an all-nighter cutting and folding and silk screening and stapling. the prototypes look really good! im excited to show it to everyone tomorrow and to see all of these brilliant people in the same room (thanks to ellen frances)



i can die happy...

me and ian went to see cursive the other night and it was the best show i've been to in a VERY long time. i got that feeling..you know...when you know that everything is going to be okay and it all finally makes sense. i don't know.

i've decided that i love the new album and this song in particular:

What Have I Done?

A year now and nothing much has changed
Holed up in a motel in El Paso
This was meant to be my great escape
I got lost along the way
Amongst free HBO and take out

I'm gonna write my Moby Dick
More like scratching lyrics on paper plates
I spent the best years of my life
Waiting on the best years of my life
So what's there to write about?

What have I done?
What have I done?

So is this my destiny?
From starlight into eternity
The gods must be laughing down at me
Ha ha ha

A traveling salesman at twenty years old
Stranded in Ann Arbor with a flat tire
I watched the sun sadly set
Any younger I may have wept
Much older I wouldn't have noticed
But I was out there in the world
And the world it passed me by
I was telling everyone back home
That I was taking it by storm
Instead I watched it from the roadside

What have I done?
What have I done?

Are these the best tales I can spin?
A boy waiting to begin
A man of no memoirs
What have I done?
What have I done?

And you're young and you're gonna be someone
And you're old and you're ashamed of what you've become
Well take a look around you
You're preaching to the choir

Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!

Tell me darling, what have I done?
What have I done?
What have I done?
What have I done?
What have I done?
What have I done?
What have I done?
What have I done?


i can look homeless even if im not

the other day i was on huddled on the corner of 5th and 21st with my hobo gloves on making a peanut butter sandwich on my backpack. with my dirty jeans and five dollar sneakers, not to mention my lack of a coat and the fact that i hadnt showered in almost a week i'm kind of shocked that no one offered me money.

similarly, alfie was sitting on the stoop last week smoking a cigarette and a boy offered her a bacon egg and cheese.

how did this happen?


i can be an exhibition designer

in the past two days i've been to two different design offices: ESI and the museum of natural history.

and i kind of want to work at both. throughout this whole program i didnt think i wanted to be an exhibition designer, but after seeing the offices and meeting with people in the field and experiencing the work...i think this is something i could do and enjoy and be really good at.

i hope i get a job when im done with school, im kind of freaking out.

i'd be content making plastic leaves for AMNH for some months....you know i love that tedious work


i can get a weave from my roommate...

today me and dana decided it would be a good idea to go down to graham ave and buy some human hair to attach to my head.

so we did.
and 15 bucks, multiple stab wounds, and lots of mousse later, my weave was born.

im a new woman:


i can live without a liver

just got back from denver...real update soon!


i can brush my teeth

so today while perusing my medicine drawer (we dont have a medicine cabinet much to the dismay of everyone who tries to open our bathroom mirror, thus essentially ripping it off the wall...) i realized that i have four different kinds of german toothpaste. im not sure how that happened.

all i know is.. the friscodent is really delicious (minty with a hint of anise or fennel)

and i recently discovered this mysterious red one left over by the julia or mira called dr. liebe ajona or SOMETHING.

whoa. it doesnt really taste good, but you honestly only need a tiny drop and the stuff foams up in your mouth like nothing you've ever seen before. like a chia pet or i dont know what. im hooked!

(ps the big blue tube in that picture is actually mustard, and i dont brush my teeth with it)


i can be proud of my sister

my little sister is brilliant and im so proud of her for getting an award because shes the best student in her school.

her vegan bakery is going to be amazing!!!!!

i love you chrissy!


i can grow hair

i have a mutant hair
on my lip
its black
and the rest are blonde
i just dont get it


i can wake up from naps

well, not really. i guess i should say i can NOT wake up from naps. here is the proof.

apparently im an angry sleep talker? i apologize for all the threats.

"i know but i always have to delete thus"

i love how with each one kelly and alfie get more drunk. and i get more angry. i have no recollection of any of this.


i can make a sandwich

i havent had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a very long time. i remember when i used to be more poor than i am now and thats all i ever ate. 

i've started laying out fakeorange 2 and so far it looks beautiful. i wish i had more time to work on it. i think i might have to stop sleeping until its done. 


this weekend i finally got to put my new powertools to use! the drill more than the saws but when you're building with cardboard, anything more powerful than a boxcutter is a little excessive. the fact that metal screws were used in place of tape is also pretty hilarious.

me and my sister installed a light with a switch for alfie and built two more walls and a table in the studio. it looks really nice.

today after breakfast i made a cardboard lock for the cardboard door of alfie's cardboard room.


i can get my masters

all the research AND writing for a graduate thesis in 5 days? really? really?


i can assemble furniture

yesterday the clubhouse got a welcomed new addition...a dining room table and FOUR stools! now we can eat dinner like a family! or play a game of cards! or SOMETHING ELSE FUN!!!

here it is:

while on line at ikea, i fell in love. in the hopes that this man will find me, i have posted this missed connection:

i got a response but sadly, not from kevin. wah.


i can predict the future

everyone else is doing a 2008 wrap up so i guess i should make some sort of formal statement to the internet about my past year and the one we are presently in.

2008 was amazing. 2009 will be even better.

whew! that was easy.

ok. maybe like a list of goals or SOMETHING:
1. produce fakeorange quarterly
3. collect all the money i am owed from various clients
4. become a master of the arts

i kind of want to stop eating meat again but im torn because i just got that sick crock pot. hmpf. maybe i can only eat meat if its been slow cooked? sounds like a fair compromise to me!

my proudest moments of 2008:
1. unleashing fakeorange zine on the world

2. extracting the largest booger ever from my face

i can have crushes on southern emo boys