i can live without a liver

just got back from denver...real update soon!


i can brush my teeth

so today while perusing my medicine drawer (we dont have a medicine cabinet much to the dismay of everyone who tries to open our bathroom mirror, thus essentially ripping it off the wall...) i realized that i have four different kinds of german toothpaste. im not sure how that happened.

all i know is.. the friscodent is really delicious (minty with a hint of anise or fennel)

and i recently discovered this mysterious red one left over by the julia or mira called dr. liebe ajona or SOMETHING.

whoa. it doesnt really taste good, but you honestly only need a tiny drop and the stuff foams up in your mouth like nothing you've ever seen before. like a chia pet or i dont know what. im hooked!

(ps the big blue tube in that picture is actually mustard, and i dont brush my teeth with it)


i can be proud of my sister

my little sister is brilliant and im so proud of her for getting an award because shes the best student in her school.

her vegan bakery is going to be amazing!!!!!

i love you chrissy!


i can grow hair

i have a mutant hair
on my lip
its black
and the rest are blonde
i just dont get it


i can wake up from naps

well, not really. i guess i should say i can NOT wake up from naps. here is the proof.

apparently im an angry sleep talker? i apologize for all the threats.

"i know but i always have to delete thus"

i love how with each one kelly and alfie get more drunk. and i get more angry. i have no recollection of any of this.


i can make a sandwich

i havent had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a very long time. i remember when i used to be more poor than i am now and thats all i ever ate. 

i've started laying out fakeorange 2 and so far it looks beautiful. i wish i had more time to work on it. i think i might have to stop sleeping until its done. 


this weekend i finally got to put my new powertools to use! the drill more than the saws but when you're building with cardboard, anything more powerful than a boxcutter is a little excessive. the fact that metal screws were used in place of tape is also pretty hilarious.

me and my sister installed a light with a switch for alfie and built two more walls and a table in the studio. it looks really nice.

today after breakfast i made a cardboard lock for the cardboard door of alfie's cardboard room.


i can get my masters

all the research AND writing for a graduate thesis in 5 days? really? really?


i can assemble furniture

yesterday the clubhouse got a welcomed new addition...a dining room table and FOUR stools! now we can eat dinner like a family! or play a game of cards! or SOMETHING ELSE FUN!!!

here it is:

while on line at ikea, i fell in love. in the hopes that this man will find me, i have posted this missed connection:

i got a response but sadly, not from kevin. wah.


i can predict the future

everyone else is doing a 2008 wrap up so i guess i should make some sort of formal statement to the internet about my past year and the one we are presently in.

2008 was amazing. 2009 will be even better.

whew! that was easy.

ok. maybe like a list of goals or SOMETHING:
1. produce fakeorange quarterly
3. collect all the money i am owed from various clients
4. become a master of the arts

i kind of want to stop eating meat again but im torn because i just got that sick crock pot. hmpf. maybe i can only eat meat if its been slow cooked? sounds like a fair compromise to me!

my proudest moments of 2008:
1. unleashing fakeorange zine on the world

2. extracting the largest booger ever from my face

i can have crushes on southern emo boys