i can look homeless even if im not

the other day i was on huddled on the corner of 5th and 21st with my hobo gloves on making a peanut butter sandwich on my backpack. with my dirty jeans and five dollar sneakers, not to mention my lack of a coat and the fact that i hadnt showered in almost a week i'm kind of shocked that no one offered me money.

similarly, alfie was sitting on the stoop last week smoking a cigarette and a boy offered her a bacon egg and cheese.

how did this happen?


i can be an exhibition designer

in the past two days i've been to two different design offices: ESI and the museum of natural history.

and i kind of want to work at both. throughout this whole program i didnt think i wanted to be an exhibition designer, but after seeing the offices and meeting with people in the field and experiencing the work...i think this is something i could do and enjoy and be really good at.

i hope i get a job when im done with school, im kind of freaking out.

i'd be content making plastic leaves for AMNH for some months....you know i love that tedious work


i can get a weave from my roommate...

today me and dana decided it would be a good idea to go down to graham ave and buy some human hair to attach to my head.

so we did.
and 15 bucks, multiple stab wounds, and lots of mousse later, my weave was born.

im a new woman: