i can come clean.

today in class (which i have, even though i've graduated...just doesn't make sense) we had to go around the room in typical first day fashion, introduce ourselves, say where we're from what we've done blah blah blah. but this time we had to say a fact about ourselves that our classmates did not know. we've been together for a while now, and i'm pretty sure most people in the class know more about me that i know about them or they know about each other (im pretty open/honest)

so when thinking about my thing to tell, instead of talking about how i took ice skating lessons when i was younger, or how i pushed my little sister down the stairs on halloween when she was dressed like jasmine from aladdin, or that i pick my nose and put my boogers in the cuff of my pants, i decided to tell something that i felt was important for them all to know.

when i applied to FIT to get my master of the arts degree in exhibition design, i had not one drop of intention of being an exhibition designer. the only reason i applied was because i got laid off from my dream job, couldnt find anything that compared, and had an opportunity to teach at parsons if only i had a masters in SOMETHING. and then well well well. one year, SUNY prices, master degree plopped in my lap. so i applied and got in and figured it couldnt be THAT bad. and if it was, well it was only for a year.

BUT THEN SOMETHING HAPPENED. i realized that i actually LIKED exhibition design. in fact, I LOVED IT. and for the first time ever, i could see myself doing this ONE thing for (if not the rest of my life) a long time.

and now i've found myself on a pretty decent path to 'establishing' myself to some degree in the field. thats a lie. but i'd say i'm in a way better position than i was when i finished up at pratt and im WAAAAAAAAY happier.

i guess what i'm trying to say is that everything is gonna be okay.

its crazy how the world works.


i can not even believe this:

GUTEN TOUCH from Multitouch Barcelona on Vimeo.

this studio (and website) is amazing.
Multitouch Barcelona

and also watch this video


i can haz 'nother degree?

i keep having dreams in which i am creating things by processes i know nothing about. maybe they dont exist yet or maybe they do and im just ignorant to their existence.

at any rate, all of these dreams obviously seem to be pointing me towards a degree in science. it is something i've always wanted to pursue, as i find it interesting and i think it will help fill this weird void i have in my relationship with design.

last night in my sleep i created pieces of industrial design through a chemical reaction between two metals, one liquid and one solid. the process/end result sort of resembled a failed souffle.

i need to marry a scientist.


i can try to promote my work and that of others...

this is kind of old news, but fakeorange 2.0 is ready for purchase!

you can get your hands on a copy on our etsy site

i made this stupid video to show how hard we worked, but also to humiliate alfie:

also, the first edition of fakeorange is officially out of print, but you can view it online here...

featuring the work of Ellen Frances, Julian Gilbert, Alfie, Ryan Pfluger, Brad Walsh, AND MORE!

i can defeat the evil grad school

at least i hope so. here is another one of those amazing conversations with ryan manning.

you can see more here: