i can build a snow fort

i'm sure by now you've heard about the great blizzard of 2010. lucky me had the day off and kept our summer tradition of fort building alive by slaving away all day on the most amazing snow fort ever. complete with fire pit and hobbit hole.

yeah. we're cooking hot dogs.


i can holiday recap

my family is so embarrassingly awesome


i can dream of a white christmas

one last thing before i head upstate to eat cookies with my family

merry christmas!

[from Pratt + Paper & Ralph Pucci]


i can get used to this

i just got back to nyc after spending 5 relaxing days in denver with some of my favorite people.
i really really love it there.

yesterday felt like an epic date montage.
i could eat ducks and drink scotch forever.
go see my art at MCA DENVER.


i can eat cookies in an igloo in midtown

this is the winter lobby for my office. (we change it up every 3 months)

no one thought we'd be able to transform a ton of milk jugs into an igloo, but we did because we're awesome.
i love it in there (and not just because there is a never-ending supply of chocolate chip cookies).

those 'eames' rockers are SO COMFORTABLE. i want one.


i can get in the christmas spirit

yesterday we had our annual christmas tree decorating party. good friends, spiced wine, and lots of felt. oh, and bedazzles...can't forget the bedazzles. (thanks mom!)

this year, however, we traded in our old lil' wayne tree topper (a cut out printed piece of paper with holes for light to shine through for the bling) for a new one. it looks exactly like lil' wayne. it even has tattooed eye lids.




i can sit on a porch swing

i designed the lobby for my job when i first started there. if you recall me talking about drawing squirrels in illustrator, this is what became of that:

totally awkward going in for a job interview and the only place to sit and wait is a bright orange swing. especially awkward when you're not the only person waiting.

i am currently working on the new winter lobby. unfortunately a polar bear skin rug did not fit into the budget. BUMMERRR!


i can talk on the phone

i'm not even going to make up excuses for my lack of updating. i'm a busy woman. and i hate logging out of gmail to log into the account associated with this blog. i also hate checking my voice mail. i just wont do it.

ANYWAY! recently Sam Schachter of the SamHasFriends blog interviewed me.

you can hear it at the link below. i would like to say that i don't sound like a mouse in a toilet bowl in real life, but i guess i do.

CLICK HERE! ! !!! SamHasFriends


i can freak out a little bit...

i got word this morning that the package of letter pressed covers for FakeOrange4 had arrived from portland, via the wonderful Britt Madden.

so after nearly a full day of taunting and teasing (see picture texts below) from my co workers at only hearts (i had them shipped there to defend against bushwick hooligans) i went to pick them up.

THEY ARE AMAZING. i've added one to the prototype of the zine and. oh my god. it doesnt even look like i made it. it looks like something you buy from a publisher. we've really outdone ourselves this time. and now that the covers are here we're gonna fast track them into your hands.


i can become a millionaire

so, i think i've done it.
invented the clever thing that everyone will want to buy. no no, its not the strapkin™. that's another BRILLIANT idea.

i haven't built a piece of furniture with my own hands in over 2 years. oh wait, that's a lie. me and jeremy built benches for the backyard this summer. but those were crude, made of wood found in the neighborhood.

this is going to be one of my favorite things to build, and i'm gonna love having it floating around the house.

i won't tell you what it is exactly, but once it's done, you will see in all it's glory.

tonight i made a quarter scale model of it out of chipboard and it is magnificent.


i can glitter anything

I've been working extra at only hearts in preparation for the 10th anniversary of the mott street store.

someone noticed my excellent typography, (the kerning between the R and the T is bad...i know, i know...) thank you very much.

do you know how hard it is to x-acto perfect letters out of chipboard with hot glue blisters and all over your fingers and blood everywhere? PRETTY HARD.

(i stole these pictures from here: zimbio)


i can love unconditionally

"Generally, people don't like each other very much. And that goes for friends, too. Sometimes I lie in bed trying to decide which of my friends I truly care about, and I always come to the same conclusion: none of them. I thought these were just my starter friends and the real ones would come along later. But no. These are my real friends."
-Miranda July

"Friends are like that. They aren't pretty."
-Tatyana Tolstaya



new job! i love it!

new job offer! i love it too!

i want to love them both at the same time!

i've gone so long without WORKING that i feel like it serves me right to work 2 full time jobs plus one part time job.

plus travel to CANADA for BUSINESS.

attending 'fashion week' events.

am i out of my league?




i can be the fun, gross aunt

thank god my sister didn't have girls:


i can miss ryan manning

i was just looking for my birth certificate in my email archives and i stumbled across this interview between me and ryan manning for thunk.

there is no record of our love on the internet.

RM: what is your ethnicity?
AZ: i'm half italian and half german.

R: what do you aspire to?
A: being able to support myself by doing something i love and having that positively affect the lives of other people.
i would also like to be famous enough to have an intern who is willing to transcribe everything i say because most of the time i'm really funny and i have a bad memory.

R: what is your ultimate fantasy?
A: if we're speaking non-sexually, it would be great if my love for the internet was not unrequited. i mean, the internet has already been living with me in my apartment for almost 6 years and i'm ready to take our relationship to the next level. i would like to bring the internet home to my parents and introduce it as my boyfriend.
if we are speaking sexually, i would say, without going far into details, that at the end of my fantasy i will have at least one black eye, ligature marks, and light to severe bruising on my neck and body.

R: under what circumstances would you tell a lie?
A: well, since i'm what you might call a "compulsive liar", pretty much any circumstances will do. In fact, I'm lying right now. I'm not a compulsive liar.

R: what qualities attract you to someone?
A: strong forearms and a good sense of humor. i'm also attracted to the smell of men's armpits but i think that has to do more with science than personal preference.

R: when you were growing up what did you want to be?
A: i always wanted to be an interior designer and then i became an interior designer and i realized i actually didn't want to be an interior designer. now i want to be a math teacher but i don't think that will happen.

R: what is your political affiliation?
A: i'm registered as a democrat but i believe in socialism.

R: has anyone ever said something about you to you that shocked you?
A: i think that i'm pretty self aware...i get shocked anytime someone compliments me. once someone told me my writing was good and i thought that was shocking since i don't consider myself a writer.

R: do you like talking on the phone?
A: i'd rather talk on the phone than check my voice mail.

R: did either of your parents ever talk to you about sex when you were growing up?
A: i don't think so. but my mother called me last month and asked me if i was on birth control and i told her i wasn't because i didn't want to pay for it. she told me if i wanted to be on birth control she could get it for free and then suggested i accept her offer so i did. that's the most sex talk we've ever had.

R: what do you think happens to us after we die?
A: our tissues break down into simpler forms of matter?

R: do you like where you live?
A: very much...there are 5 people, 1 cat, and 1 dog and the walls are made of metal studs and cardboard. its like a circus fort for adults.

R: what sort of things would cause you to lose your temper?
A: i get kind of angry when people on the subway are playing music out loud on their cell phones or babies are crying. i think there are many other things that cause me to lose my temper based on the number of times i'm told to "calm down", but i can't think of what they are right now.

R: if you could be anywhere in the world doing anything you wanted right now, where would you be and what would you be doing?
A: i would be in germany eating some schnitzel and bratworst and a drinking beer with banana juice in it.

R: if you were to choose between the power of invisibility and the power of flight, which would you choose and why?
A: i would choose invisibility for two reasons:
1. i'm a creep/stalker and invisibility would prove beneficial in my stealthy activities, and
2. i wouldn't want to have to explain to anyone the reason i could fly. i don't really like talking to people that much.

R: what do you want your last meal to be?
A: maybe the biggest burrito ever, heavy on the guac.

R: you have three wishes. what are they?
A: 1. my family and friends stay healthy and happy.
2. FakeOrange becomes something more than a project we do for fun, but always stays a project we do for fun.
3. the internet falls in love with me.

R: how do you feel about this interview?
A: i like it because it made me feel good about myself. thanks for that.


i can go for round four

FakeOrange 4 is well on it's way to becoming a real thing.

over 50 submissions from all over the country ( maybe even THE WORLD )

this one is gonna be good!

i can move on, if i have to


i can keep my cool..




i can summer in a penthouse apartment in the adobe creative suite

man. thank god no one looks at this blog. im the worst blogger ever. only asian robots look at it. and thats ok with me.

SO its been over a month. and in that time i've been mostly trying to get a tan. and doing bikram everything. bikram eating, bikram sleeping, bikram fetch, bikram tv watching

but i've also been bikram working. and we're kind of in the final push for submissions for the next fakeorange and im glad to get that going again.

although i think i might need a brief InDesign break once this whole annual report thing is over.

robbie and i have decided to finally join forces officially and start our own design studio and im REALLY EXCITED about it. i've been doing design on my own for too long...it will be nice to have someone to design-talk to.

here are some things i did:


i can blog from 35,072 feet

this might be closest i'll ever get to blogging from space.
my body is moving at a speed of 616 mph.
i am 35,072 feet above iowa.
it is -55 degrees outside.
in 1,061 miles i will be back in brooklyn
where i belong.

my watch is stuck in LA time, but i had fun:


i can start a collection

i've been finding and saving dead flies at work. i have about 8 of them at this point so i'm pretty sure it now classifies as a collection.

i'm not sure what i'm going to do with them yet, but i bet it will be amazingly weird.


i can support my friends

last night i went to the greenpoint gallery to see a group show featuring alfie and megan. i am proud of them.
music was so much sexier in the past.


i can reminisce

i really miss these girls. i can't believe its been a year since we all graduated.


i can relinquish control

i can, i swear. eh...only time will tell.
you're confused. let me explain.

if you haven't already heard, we've begun collecting submissions for the 4th edition of FakeOrange Zine.
if you would like to submit [writing, illustration, painting, photography, etc]
please email me: alisonzullo@gmail.com

USUALLY i am responsible for the look and feel of FakeOrange. THIS TIME, however, we have a special guest designer, Nick Pizzolato.
i'm still gonna make a million lists.

view the first three editions online at fakeorange.com