i can taxidermy birds

“In the suffocating undergrowths of Persian red lilac, the cat mauls sparrows. We found a sparrow like that. Someone had scalped its toy head. A naked fragile skull like a gooseberry. A martyred sparrow face. We made it a cap of lace scraps, made it a white shroud, and buried it in a chocolate box. Life is eternal. Only birds die.”
-Tatyana Tolstaya


i can love the internet and ben folds

i want to marry ben folds. i feel like he'd be a good husband.
ben folds, you should marry me. will you?
if not, hopefully i'll see you on chatroulette one day.


i think im going crazy

it sounds like
there is a train heading right for my bedroom
it doesn't sound like a plane or a truck
definitely a train. like a steam engine.
how can this be?



i can disappear for a while.

but i'll always come back.

i've been in a weird depressed funk due to not having the job of my dreams yet. it's really hard to stay motivated with no one around to motivate you. i'm suffering from school PPD or something. we have a love/hate relationship.

i've been working on some new things in COMPLETE SECRECY after the heinz ketchup packet incident.

but lets just say..my new surger is getting put to good use and people's bikes and bellies will be happy.

i am obsessed with Antony Gormley all of a sudden:

here is his website