i can move on

today was one of my last days at only hearts for a while...i'm gonna miss gimme coffee and working with steph a million hours a week:

i can do without the kids

winter time in bushwick is so quiet but as soon as the weather starts to get warmer all the youngins come out of hiding.

if i never have to hear a 5 year old yell through my window asking for snacks again...let's just say it wouldn't be the end of the world.

BRYAN: king of the block


happy birthday ben

thanks for taking my shoes off last night.


i can hang out in the country

me and my dad went on a new hampshire road trip this weekend to visit my aunts and cousins:


i can tame a wild beast

this is my dog McCabe. if you know him, you know what a feat this truly is.

music: Europe-The Final Countdown

i can take a hint

silhouette masterpiece theater


i can go to the club

sort of.

this 'summer' so far has been incredible. the only thing missing is alfie.


i can bake

me and jeremy made wu-tang chip cookies to try to cheer up our roommate ben.
i hope it worked.
wu-tang cookies ain't nothing to fuck wit.

(jeremy fashioned the cookie cutter out of a piece old metal track we had lurking around in the basement)
i have a feeling our cookies are gonna start getting a little out of control.

i can be your lover, not just be your friend

la bionda-i wanna be your lover


i can try to make the ugliest face ever

ryan pfluger took most of these but i think they're amazing.
i didn't realize how much i missed sitting outside drinking iced coffee.

i can get a little creeped out sometimes

i saw this while soaking up the sun in maria hernandez park yesterday. neighborhood kid says "look at dat clown" and i thought he was making fun of someone. NOPE.

clown on a cell phone.


i can read russian

i guess if someone asked me what i want to be when i grow up, my current answer would be "russian"

for some reason i'm obsessed. it might have started when i was working on my undergraduate thesis at pratt and did a lot of research on the russian suprematists.

anyway, i've been reading a collection of short stories by tatyana tolstaya and i don't ever want them to end. i wish i could actually read russian so i could read them exactly as she wrote them. alas.

let's go to russia because it seems like the most magical place on earth. according to carson ellis:


i can love the beautiful and the grotesque

myles karr is a new friend and amazing artist.
i want my body covered in his work.
check out his website and his blog

i can keep a secret (most of the time)

See more illustrations by Justin Gabbard


i can nostalgia on a sunny day

sitting in my living room with my pup listening to kind of like spitting and wondering how most of the people i love ended up in the far reaches of the earth and not here with me where they belong.

We Got As Far As Minnesota, KOLS
In the desert we get sunburned. Tally up our losses by a broken down car. We're surprised we got this far. What will your parents think? You gave up everything for teenage love, and you're 23. Gave up everything for heartbreak and sweet cake for second looks and make out sessions under the stars.

And when they look at our dirty hands we get followed in supermarkets. You especially with your backpack with patches, you're not even that punk anymore, they don't know the difference like I do. You gave up everything for a 1983 ideology, romantic novels in your back pocket. I'm sitting on my ass at the gas station smoking cigarettes, my feet are drenched with rain, I'm throwing in the towel.

here are pictures from my road trip to california with dave mangels. we also video blogged the whole thing and you can see that here: Best Friends Road Trip 09