i can start a collection

i've been finding and saving dead flies at work. i have about 8 of them at this point so i'm pretty sure it now classifies as a collection.

i'm not sure what i'm going to do with them yet, but i bet it will be amazingly weird.


i can support my friends

last night i went to the greenpoint gallery to see a group show featuring alfie and megan. i am proud of them.
music was so much sexier in the past.


i can reminisce

i really miss these girls. i can't believe its been a year since we all graduated.


i can relinquish control

i can, i swear. eh...only time will tell.
you're confused. let me explain.

if you haven't already heard, we've begun collecting submissions for the 4th edition of FakeOrange Zine.
if you would like to submit [writing, illustration, painting, photography, etc]
please email me: alisonzullo@gmail.com

USUALLY i am responsible for the look and feel of FakeOrange. THIS TIME, however, we have a special guest designer, Nick Pizzolato.
i'm still gonna make a million lists.

view the first three editions online at fakeorange.com


i can live the quiet life

i have a job again! at least for a few weeks...i forgot about my love/hate relationship with InDesign. right now i kind of love it, but im sure in a week i'm going to want to pull my hair out.

i've been spending some quality time with my roommates and mccabe. it feels nice to come home from work at a reasonable hour, make dinner, and sit on the couch with the boys watching american pickers.