i can freak out a little bit...

i got word this morning that the package of letter pressed covers for FakeOrange4 had arrived from portland, via the wonderful Britt Madden.

so after nearly a full day of taunting and teasing (see picture texts below) from my co workers at only hearts (i had them shipped there to defend against bushwick hooligans) i went to pick them up.

THEY ARE AMAZING. i've added one to the prototype of the zine and. oh my god. it doesnt even look like i made it. it looks like something you buy from a publisher. we've really outdone ourselves this time. and now that the covers are here we're gonna fast track them into your hands.


i can become a millionaire

so, i think i've done it.
invented the clever thing that everyone will want to buy. no no, its not the strapkin™. that's another BRILLIANT idea.

i haven't built a piece of furniture with my own hands in over 2 years. oh wait, that's a lie. me and jeremy built benches for the backyard this summer. but those were crude, made of wood found in the neighborhood.

this is going to be one of my favorite things to build, and i'm gonna love having it floating around the house.

i won't tell you what it is exactly, but once it's done, you will see in all it's glory.

tonight i made a quarter scale model of it out of chipboard and it is magnificent.