i can sit on a porch swing

i designed the lobby for my job when i first started there. if you recall me talking about drawing squirrels in illustrator, this is what became of that:

totally awkward going in for a job interview and the only place to sit and wait is a bright orange swing. especially awkward when you're not the only person waiting.

i am currently working on the new winter lobby. unfortunately a polar bear skin rug did not fit into the budget. BUMMERRR!


i can talk on the phone

i'm not even going to make up excuses for my lack of updating. i'm a busy woman. and i hate logging out of gmail to log into the account associated with this blog. i also hate checking my voice mail. i just wont do it.

ANYWAY! recently Sam Schachter of the SamHasFriends blog interviewed me.

you can hear it at the link below. i would like to say that i don't sound like a mouse in a toilet bowl in real life, but i guess i do.

CLICK HERE! ! !!! SamHasFriends