i can build a snow fort

i'm sure by now you've heard about the great blizzard of 2010. lucky me had the day off and kept our summer tradition of fort building alive by slaving away all day on the most amazing snow fort ever. complete with fire pit and hobbit hole.

yeah. we're cooking hot dogs.


i can holiday recap

my family is so embarrassingly awesome


i can dream of a white christmas

one last thing before i head upstate to eat cookies with my family

merry christmas!

[from Pratt + Paper & Ralph Pucci]


i can get used to this

i just got back to nyc after spending 5 relaxing days in denver with some of my favorite people.
i really really love it there.

yesterday felt like an epic date montage.
i could eat ducks and drink scotch forever.
go see my art at MCA DENVER.


i can eat cookies in an igloo in midtown

this is the winter lobby for my office. (we change it up every 3 months)

no one thought we'd be able to transform a ton of milk jugs into an igloo, but we did because we're awesome.
i love it in there (and not just because there is a never-ending supply of chocolate chip cookies).

those 'eames' rockers are SO COMFORTABLE. i want one.


i can get in the christmas spirit

yesterday we had our annual christmas tree decorating party. good friends, spiced wine, and lots of felt. oh, and bedazzles...can't forget the bedazzles. (thanks mom!)

this year, however, we traded in our old lil' wayne tree topper (a cut out printed piece of paper with holes for light to shine through for the bling) for a new one. it looks exactly like lil' wayne. it even has tattooed eye lids.