i can still eat ridiculous food

(that is actually suzy's body)

soooo the JETS are not going to the super bowl, but i won't let that stop me. i will eat deliciously disgusting food in their honor every sunday for the rest of my life or until i die of a heart attack. i will also increase my wing consumption exponentially each week.

i was saving my pepperoni/jalapeno pizza with pizza roll crust for the super bowl, but i suppose now i'll eat it during the puppy bowl instead. or maybe for breakfast tomorrow. (i'm an emotional eater and this is a trying time for me. GET OFF MY BACK.)

i still love you baby:

because you're so metal:


i can geek out

i can't help but think that my recent obsession with a certain text based RPG is somehow slightly related to a new groundbreaking MMORPG/TV show that will be launched really soon. OH MY GOD WHAT AM I EVEN TALKING ABOUT. NO ONE WILL MARRY ME NOW. NOT ONE PERSON.

but seriously. every post for the next 4 days is going to be about CES.

at least Pegasus still loves me..even if he only drinks MILK at the inn...LOSER


i can marry a dentist

that would help. i just pulled a mess of broken fake tooth from my pants pocket.


only one thing left to do: REPLACE IT WITH GOLD.


i can defeat the red dragon

actually...i probably can't. but i'm gonna try. i can't believe i'm addicted to this game.

i can make resolutions

i mean, no one ever sticks with them, so my new years resolution is to find a husband on the internet.
i would like to be married by the end of the year.

also, i would like to try to stop picking my nose.

i suppose the success of one depends on the success of the other.

additionally, i think i should start wearing more fake hair.