i can haz one of each?

in honor of my lovely sister, who is now officially a vet tech!



"do i sing like a bird?" I CAN IF YOU WANT

side note: strangers with candy is the most hilarious show.

here is the new spring lobby installation at my job.

the poem says:
"my shoe is off.
my foot is cold.
i have a bird
i like to hold."
-dr. seuss

i can look at the stars

i got a car, so i drove upstate to my hometown with some friends to look at SUPERMOON. it was pretty big.

mccabe loves to fetch and no pond is gonna slow him down.

i can bounce back

pardon my lack of updates, but following a short stint of unemployment (during which i did nothing but eat baby carrots and hang out with my dog and play world of warcraft) i have managed to round up THREE jobs. and now im super busy. obv.

here is a quick recap of what i've been doing:

oh, and prettying the internet: